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Turku INT Show 19.1.2014

Great day ! Montparnasse SD von Portenschlag best male exc1, CAC, CACIB, BOS and became Finnish Champion!
Judge Dirk Spryut from Belgium, breeder Uli Portenschlag, owners Eija-Maaria Jussila and Irene Häyry, grooming Eija-Maaria Jussila, handler Irene Häyry

roopeBOSTurku.jpg Montroope.jpg

My granddaughter Ellen's little Miki-boy / Ulnight Butterfly Fin for Willy Lee was in his first show at the age of 9 months and succeeded nicely being in junior class exc2 with CAC Quality, judge Maite Conzalbo from Spain.


To honour "Manu" 13 years old!

Christmas 2013 Our beloved Manu had his 13 th Birthday!

Manumaailmanvoittaja_0.jpg hkiwinner12.jpg
Breeder: Irene Häyry
Owners: Markku Vuorinen and Nora Ylikylä also groomer and handler
In the photo Manu and Nora

maukka.jpg ErkkariBISVETManu.jpg

Baltic Veteran Winner 2013

Our unbelievable "Manu" Multi CH Willy Lee Osvald-Pepper made maybe a new record being a Baltic Veteran Winner 2013 at the age of almost 13 years old! He is already Baltic VetranWinner-10 but being BOS, judge Benny Blid von Schedvin, he became also Baltic VetWinner-13! Nora Ylikylä you are also unbelievable having courage to him with you to big contests. The judge said that he got tears in his eyes when he sees so excellent dog of that age!

Baltic Winner 2013.jpg
BOS, BALTIC VETWinner 2013 "Manu" and judge Benny Blid von Schedvin, Nora with BOB Axciums' female

Nora Ylikylä in the BOB veteran ring with Manu, Baltic VETW-13

Interesting trip to Bornholm island in Denmark

Panomaks X-Trail attended a INT Show in Bornholm in August and got CAC in the competition from judge Petra Junehall, which meant that he became with that CAC, just being two years old, at the same time Danish, but also Finnish Champion! We had great fun in that trip!
So "Maks" is now:

FI&RUS&DK CH, JW-12, W-12, RKF-CH Panomaks X-Trail, breeder: Julia Vishnevskaja, owners Eija-Maaria Jussila & Irene Häyry

A couple of new dogs for our kennel

We have got some new dogs to our kennels Peacemaker's and our Willy Lee. Pepper& salts one from Russia: Scandvik Cowboy Salskoy Stepi "Jere", now 10 and 1/2 months old, breeder S. Ryabenkova, holder Anni Lumpus and from Poland: Avis Gagatek "Jalo" 9 months old, breeder Alina Stelmach, holder Sari Kylväjä.
In black-and silvers from Hungary: Hosszúbereki-Csásár Iron Man "Mister" now 9 months old, breeder Juli Hodnics, holder Nelli Hyvärinen.
In blacks from Harjavalta a son of our Cooper: Peacemaker's Black Grim "Olli", now 5 monts old, breeder Eija-Maaria Jussila/co-owner also, holder Lotta Terho. The only female is also in blacks Cooper's daughter and "Olli's" sister Peacemaker's Black Gisela "Viivi", holders family Mustanoja.
"Jalo" Avis Gagatek came for a short visit for everyday grooming and I took a quick photo from him. He has extremely harsh coat with fine colour, right size, very strong bones, nice boy.


Aura-Turku Dog Show 4.8.2013

Our breeding handsome and wise "Amos" Willy Lee Pepper Love Affair, owner Maarit Huhti and groomed by Nora Ylikylä, the owner of the father Multi Ch Willy Lee Osvald-Pepper "Manu" . The mother of Amos is Multi CH Tiffany Astronaut, owned nowadays by Katja Pitkänen.
intermediate cl exc 1, CQ, BM3, judge Kresten Scheel from Denmark


"Amos" Willy Lee Pepper Love Affair photo by Markku Vuorinen

BIS and BOB in puppy shows!

Our new Hungarian boy "Mister" HOSSZÚBEREKI-CSÁSZÁR IRON MAN, breeder Juli Hodnics BIS puppy in Turku and BOB puppy in Helsinki puppy shows. "Mister" is handled by his holder Nelli Hyvärinen, owners kennels Peacemaker's and Willy Lee.

BIS puppy in Turku "Mister" with Nelli Hyvärinen

Pori INT Show 28.7.2013

The most lovable boy "Kosti" FI CH First Knight Grasant got CACIB in Pori INT Show judge Paul Lawless from Ireland!

Kosti11.jpg Kosti22.jpg

FI CH First Knight Grasant, breeder Anna Bielinska,owners kennels Peacemaker's and Willy Lee, holder Lotta Terho, handler Irene Häyry
Photos: Jin Kaakinen

Weekend 15.-16.6.2013 In speciality show Porvoo and in Sweden INT Vännäs

Perfect weekend in June!
In the Speciality show Porvoo the BIS veteran winner was our precious "Manu" with Nora Ylikylä!

Judge in p&S ring Helle Gardberg from Denmark Multi CH Willy Lee Osvald-Pepper and Nora owner/handler photo: Markku Vuorinen/owner

In Vännäs with Mikaela Holmström our "Roope" Montparnasse SD von Portenschlag was BOB, CAC, Cacib, owners Eija-Maaria Jussila and Irene Häyry, breeder Uli Portenschlag from Argentina.

Judge Dodo Sandahl from Sweden, Montparnasse SD von Potenschlag, Mikaela Holmström, photo Ann-Charlotta Helgas
grouppieni.jpg roope2jaliike.jpg

Montparnasse SD von Portenschlag

"Roope" our beautiful boy from Argentina Montparnasse SD von Potenschlag have had great success in the shows where he has been.
At first we are with the other owner Eija-Maaria Jussila very grateful to the breeder Uli Portenschlag.
The grooming has been co-operated with Eija-Maaria and Katja Pitkänen and then specially for the shows made by Nora Ylikylä.
The successful handlers has been Nora Ylikylä and Mikaela Holmström, whom we both with Eija-Maaria thank a lot. Then the holder family Anttila is also very important taking care of our precious boy.

Montparnasse SD von Portenschlag, photo: Markku Vuorinen

Nora ja Roope.jpg
Shows: Mynämäki, judge Dodo Sandahl, Sweden
jun exc1, CQ, BM1, CAC, BOB

Moletai Lithuania Speciality Show
intermediate CAC, Klubsieger, BOS
All photos: Markku Vuorinen

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