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Salo 26.9.2015

Our old boy almost nine years, veteran Kristopher Bikin Dvor "Romeo" was in Salo, where the judge was not expected, new on Tuula Savolainen. She placed BOB veteran


Romeo photo: Markku Vuorinen

Luige Tallinn 5.9.2015

We continued next week with Acer Almanis Polonia "Asser" to Tallinn Estonia and again with nice result. Jugde Rigina Vaitkunskiene from Lithuania placed him BOB, jun CAC


BOB EE J CH Acer Almanis Polonia with Irene Häyry, judge Regina Vaitkunskiene, BOS FI&EE CH Liberte de Trufas Negras with Heli Lillbacka, whose photo this is.


Haapsalu 29.-30.8.2015

Wondeful trip to Estonia with new-comer p&s Acer Almanis Polonia "Asser" and white Full-of-Love Genstat "Feya".
On Saturday judge Inese Pablaka from Latvia placed "Asser" BOB, jun CAC in his first show <3 and second day he was BOS, jun CAC by Paul Lawless from Ireland. "Asser" is co-owned with Eija-Maaria Jussila, who has made his beautiful grooming, me the handling. Breeder is Magdalena Chubernaj-Bicaj in Polonia and lives in the family Janne Keskinen.



BOB Cheantake female, judge Paul Lawless, BOS "Asser" with Irene

Judge Paul Lawless placed on Sunday our princess "Feya" BOB, CAC with extremely nice critics. She became with this CAC EE&FI CH, EE&LV J CH, EE J W-14, Ogre Winner 2014 "Feya" is co-owned with Jani Kalliomäki who is also grooming her, me handling. Breeder is G.Stankevitch in Belarus. She lives in the family Kalliomäki.


EE&FI CH, EE&LV J CH, EE J W-14, Ogre Winner 2014 Full-of-Love Genstat "Feya"

Hyvinkää National Show 19..7.2015


Our "Mister" Hosszubereki-Csaszar Iron Man BOB, CAC judge Franco Cochetti in Hyvinkää with his trainer/holder Nelli Hyvärinen, groomed by the co-owner Eija-Maaria Jussila

BOB Mister BOS Greedy Rascal's female with owner/breeder Minna Mård, also photo from her camera

Some photos of our whites!

Some friends asked some photos of our whites whose photos are missing from my sites!
Handsome Koh-I-Noor Estrellas Favorito aka "Yuki" . Yuki is owned by us and Peacemaker's

Yuki Photo: Reijo Ahteela

Our youngist white is "Senni" Nagyiregi Razyra who is now mated with our "Kenzo" and waiting puppies to Peacemaker's kennel.
Senni was BOB, CAC in Salo Nat. Show in in June 2015. Senni is also owned by kennels Willy Lee and Peacemaker's, her holder is family Myllymäki.

Senni Photo: Reijo Ahteela


Our beautiful boy "Kenzo" Zsó Gyémántja Versace is now also ESTONIAN CHAMPION AND TALLINN WINNER2015, speciality judge Christine Rossier from Switzerland


EE CH, TLNW-15, EE & LV JCH, LVJW-14, TLNWCW-14, TLNWCJW-14 Zsó Gyémàntja Versace "Kenzo", owners Eija-Maaria Jussila/groomer and Irene Häyry/handler, breeder Erzebeth Schneider Hungary, photo Janne Pulkkinen

Christine Rossier, "Kenzo" and Irene Häyry in Tallinn Winner Show 2015

Lahti INT show 21.3.2015

Last CACIB to become C.I.B. (international champion) in Lahti, judge Harri Lehkonen to our "Roope", there handler Emilia Vandell:
C.I.B. (not yet confirmed), Nordic & FI&SE&NO CH Montparnasse SD von Portenschlag, breeder Uli Portenschlag, owners Eija-Maaria Jussila/groomer & Irene Häyry/handler, holder family Katri Anttila.
Thanks also to trip handlers Nora Ylikylä and Mikaela Holmström!

In Turku INTshow, Roope BOS with Irene, judge Dirk Spruyt, Minna Rantanen with her Jettyspoof female BOB.

Riga INT Show 21.-22.3.2015

jaskapääpieni.jpg jaskaEM.jpg

Our precious "Jaska" made it <3 Latvian Junior Championship!
FILDALE JACK NICHOLSON jun exc 1 BOB junior, jun CAC, BM2, Cruft Qualification, judge Inese Pablaka from Latvia, breeder Elena and Zoran Gligorijevich, owners Eija-Maaria Jussila/ groomer and Irene Häyry/handler, trainer/holder Eikka Kiviniemi

LV jun CH Fildale Jack Nicholson

Also Tristan Rezlark made well in Riga with Excellent results! Same owners, holder Lotta Terho

Tristan Rezlark, breeder Larisa Razkova, Owners Peacemaker's & Willy Lee kennels

Tallinn 14.2.2015

Really nice trip to Tallinn, sometimes everything is just absolutely enjoyable <3
Results "Hali" Willy Lee Frosted Xali 15 months old, owned by Outi Laine, in jun class BOB jun, jun CAC, BOS, Tallinn Winter Cup JunWinner 2015
Judge Karl-Erik Johansson from Sweden
BOBJUNHali.jpg BOSHali.jpg
halijaouti.jpg halipöydällä.jpg

Our precious "Feya" EE&LV JCH, Ogre JunWinner-2014 Genstat Full-of-Love was in the same show in whites BOB, Cacib, Tallinn Winter Cup Winner 2015

feyacacib.jpg FeyaTurku.jpg

INT show Turku 25.1.2015

Our sweety FULL-OF-LOVE GENSTAT "Feya" attended the show on Sunday, judging Paul Scanlon from Ireland, both whites and black-and-silvers. Feya is bred in Genstat kennel, owners G.Stankevits and Volka Plyhauka.
Feya won the intermediate class exc1 CQ and was placed best female 4th. Thank you co-owner Jani Kalliomäki for grooming.


"Mister" Hosszubereki Zsaszar Iron Man wn also his class open exc1 with CQ and ws the first one to drop out from bestmale competition (best male 5th).
Two weeks before he was in Lahti group show best male 2nd with res.CAC, judging Juho Putkonen.
Thank you Nelli Hyvärinen handling and co-owner Eija-Maaria Jussila for grooming.

Photo: Reijo Ahteela

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